The Neurologist

Going to a Neurologist can be a real adventure; especially if you’ve never been to one before. But then again, maybe you’ll enjoy being hammered in the knees and elbows with a cold metal instrument. Perhaps you’ll be asked to stick your tongue out at a really good looking doctor. That should make you feel really good about yourself, right?

You may be asked to walk a straight line, heel to toe. Knowing your balance is off, and you’re certain to hit the wall, shouldn’t be a deterrent. How embarrassing can that be anyway?

“Touch your nose and touch your toes,” he’ll say with a smile, even though it’s obvious your muscles won’t allow that far a stretch.

Maybe you need a little vibration to enhance your day. That’s when he touches your hands and face with another metal instrument that pulsates. “Feel that?” he’ll ask.

“Yeah, that’s really cold,” you’ll answer.

“Now, let’s test your strength. Here, hold my hand and pull it towards you.” Now he wants to hold hands.

“Push back as hard as you can.”

“I’m not very strong, am I?”

“You’ll need an MRI.” His blunt response deters him from explaining what he really thinks is wrong with you. “And some blood work,” he say. “Then we’ll know what’s going on.”

“Sounds like a plan,” you’ll quip. But inside you’re feeling scared.

Not to worry. Your Neurologist can be someone you’ll learn to trust. He has a plan to help you achieve good health. Following his instructions can make your medical condition more manageable. After all, his years of study and experience are in your favor.

Modern technology is also to your advantage. Medical equipment and MRI machines are efficient, and simple. Plus, a Neurologist stays updated with new medical information to insure your healthcare is optimum.

A visit to the Neurologist isn’t that bad after all. He just wants to know everything about your condition so he can offer the best care available. After all, making decisions together can insure you have a better existence.

©.Phoebe Leggett 2009

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About Phoebe Leggett

Phoebe Leggett is an author, poet, and free-lance writer whose articles, stories, and poetry have enhanced the lives of many. In 2007 she received two awards for her work at the Blue Ridge Mountain Christian Writer’s Conference in Ridgecrest, North Carolina. Her articles, stories, and poetry have been published in adult and children’s Christian literature as well as online. Her books are available on under her name.
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