Years of Grief

Today my son would celebrate his birthday–if he was still alive. He would be 32.

He had recently celebrated his twenty-second birthday when he lost control of his car, and then lost his life. And nothing can take the sorrow away. It lingers still.

I’m always looking for him, longing for him, missing him.What would he be doing now? Would he be married? Would there be children–grandchildren for me?

Oh the memories that flood my mind as I recall his growing-up years. The laughter and the tears–the joys and the sadness. And always my heart is broken. The tears still fall like rain, and my mind has difficulty grasping my reality.

Yet all I have are memories; fleeting snippets of days gone by. And so, for today, as life goes on around me; I will remember, I will cry, but be thankful for those few years he was with us.

In memory of Matthew                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Born May 10, 1982 ~ died July 28, 2004

“When you send your Spirit, they are created…
:29 …when you take away their breath, they die and return to the dust”

((Psalms 104:30) (NIV)


God gave you breath
When you were born
That gave you life
That early morn

God breathed it out
And gave to you
The breath of life
When you were new

With it was given
All you would need
To live and love
And to succeed

And when you died
That lonely night
Your soul then left
And took its flight

When you excelled
With your last breath
God took it back
Into himself –

The breath of life

© 2004


About Phoebe Leggett

Phoebe Leggett is an author, poet, and free-lance writer whose articles, stories, and poetry have enhanced the lives of many. In 2007 she received two awards for her work at the Blue Ridge Mountain Christian Writer’s Conference in Ridgecrest, North Carolina. Her articles, stories, and poetry have been published in adult and children’s Christian literature as well as online. Her books are available on under her name.
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