Devotional-Get into the Ark

noahs-arkGet into the ark. Now is the time. As it was in the days of Noah…

God’s warnings: blood moons, mass animal deaths, massive fish deaths, earth quakes, the season of the Shemita (Jonathan Kahn’s warning), and more. The return of Christ must be near.

The last blood moon was in September. But other blood moons have also occurred, but unscheduled.

The forces of evil are overtaking the planet. ISIS, another Biblical sign, has caused worldwide panic. Not to mention underground immigrants infiltrating our land to take our country down. Even our own government is turning on us to even banning our speech.

The stage is set. Bible prophecy is unfolding before our very eyes. Just watch the news.

Is it rapture time? Are you ready? Warning; get into the Ark-God’s only safety net.

About Phoebe Leggett

Phoebe Leggett is an author, poet, and free-lance writer whose articles, stories, and poetry have enhanced the lives of many. In 2007 she received two awards for her work at the Blue Ridge Mountain Christian Writer’s Conference in Ridgecrest, North Carolina. Her articles, stories, and poetry have been published in adult and children’s Christian literature as well as online. Her books are available on under her name.
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